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Brand Name: Rebtel
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Connection fee: N/A


  • Cheap International Calls: Save up to 98% on your international calls to mobiles and landlines
  • Free Calls: Free mobile to mobile calls using local numbers, WiFi, or 3G.
  • Mobile applications: Free or cheap international calls with apps on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7
  • International SMS: Cheap international SMS from mobile or web
  • Phone Cards: use Rebtel as an online calling card for cheap international calling to call access numbers in 50+ countries
  • PC to Phone Calls: make free and cheap international calls using Rebtel for Windows
Country Rate Type Price(EUR)
Italy Landline 0,005
Israel Landline 0,006
Brazil Landline 0,009
United States Landline 0,010
Guadeloupe Landline 0,010