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Brand Name: FriendCaller
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Connection fee: none


  • Video Chat: Up to Seven-way video chatting - for FREE
  • Messaging: Uses Rich Media Messaging service to send images, videos, animations, voice and video messages to your friends and family members.
  • Phone number: FriendCaller offers you a real phone number for free. Incoming calls and texts are always free.
  • CallMe-Link: get connected with your friends and family with the provision of a clickable link.
  • Facebook: FriendCaller promotes access to your Facebook accounts to reunite with old friends and colleagues
  • SMS: Use FriendCaller to send SMS to more than 400 global networks.
  • Free FriendCaller-to-FriendCaller Calls: FriendCaller offers FREE calls to your FriendCaller and Facebook friends
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