Brand Information

Brand Name: Fonworld
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Connection fee: none


  • SIP: Cheap international calls via free SIP-access.
  • Mobile Applications / Apps: Use fonworld from your iPhone, BlackBerry or android phones and make calls via internet using SIP-access.
  • Save Roaming Charges: fonworld Callback-Service you've got the opportunity to benefit from the fair fonworld rates from mobile to landlines.
  • SMS: Send daily unlimited number of text messages to multiple recipients, 100% commercial-free in any landline home and abroad at a favorable price of 12 cents (equivalent to 12 points).
  • Speed Dial: Use fonworld via softclient or APP and just dial the corresponding speed dial and connect to the person you want to reach.
Country Rate Type Price(EUR)
Puerto Rico Cell Phone 0,018
Germany Landline 0,018
Puerto Rico Landline 0,018
Romania Landline 0,018
Spain Landline 0,018